Best Pillow for Neck Pain Reviews And Buying Guide

best pillow for neck painNeck pain can attack everyone else, even someone with a job that doesn’t needs too much physical performance. And to get rid of it, many people prefer to take tablet, herbal, or other kinds of drugs. But, due to the fact that taking too much drug is not good for your health, so it is highly recommended for you to take other kind of medication which is safer, such as pillow that specialized to reduce pain on the neck. But, nowadays, there are so many kinds of this product in the market. Therefore, in order to get best result, you should choose best pillow for neck pain that just fits to your needs.

What is Pillow For Neck Pain

Technically, pillow for neck pain is a pillow that use special materials and designed to reduce the pain on the neck. There are many kinds of this product that offered in the market. The first one is Memory Foam Pillow. This is 100% foam-pillow that is able to follow the neck and head contour. Second is Chiropractic Neck Pillow. With chiropractic foam in it, this pillow can provide stable support and comfort. And then, we have Orthopaedic Pillow, a pillow which has cupped center that functions to hold the head. Besides, there are also other kinds of it such as Neck Support Pillow and Neck Traction Pillow.

Benefit of Pillow For Neck Pain

By using this kind of cushion, there will be some benefits that you will get. Not only become able to sleep more comfortably, but this pillow will certainly bring health into your neck as well. The benefit pillow for neck pain is mostly on its ability to support your neck perfectly and keep it in the right position, which is neutral alignment. With this kind of position, you will relieve the pain in your neck effectively. Further, it will also give you more chance in resting your neck and head properly, so the pain on your neck can be efficiently reduced.

Things to consider when choosing the best pillow for neck pain

Then, when you want to buy this product, there will definitely be many kinds of it in the market. Each of them offers their own characteristic and specification too. So, in order to get the maximum result, you can choose which one is called best pillow for neck pain among others. And to do these, there are some points that need to be considered carefully. First point, you should consider its comfort. Regardless what’s the kind of it, how much its price, and what features it has; you should put comfort at the top of the priority. So, when you buy this product in offline, don’t be doubt in trying many products over and over to get the perfect one.

Then, the second thing to be considered is related to the softness. Softness is an important aspect that contributes a lot to the comfort of a pillow. So, choose the one which has right softness. Not too soft so that it loses its support properties and therapeutic, and also not too firm, so that it will aggravate the pain in the neck. Further, the sleep position also matters. For those who are back sleepers, then thinner pillow will be the right choice. However, for the kind of side sleepers, the firmer pillows will be perfect.

Reviews of  5 Best Pillow For Neck Pain

#1. Tri Core Cervical Pillow

Tri Core Cervical PillowFurther, to help you dealing with the various choices of pillows for neck pain in the market, here are 5 Products that are considered the best in its class. In the first place, we have a pillow that produced by Core, which is called Tri Core Cervical Pillow with full size and standard firm. This is a product that has 24x16x3 inches dimension with 1.2 pounds of shipping weight. With this dimension, this pillow will fit to any kinds of bed. Further, this product will also help you to provide more proper spine alignment. Comes from the special fiber materials, this pillow will appear in softer structure with higher durability compared to other conventional ones. Then, designed in trapezoid shape of center, you will get more orthopedic benefits such as supporting the neck firmly as well as cradling the head. Moreover, if you are interested to this product, you can buy it with the price around $32.00.

#2. Real Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Real Ease Neck and Shoulder RelaxerIn the second place, we have a product called Real Ease Shoulder Relaxer. Talking about dimension, this product that produced by a company named Real-Ease has 9×5.5×7 inches of dimension with 9.6 ounces of shipping weight. Compared to the previous one, indeed, this pillow has relatively smaller size, makes you are able to carry it whenever you want. Combined with its unique cervical design that can support the next properly, this pillow would be the best companion when you do traveling, car riding, and also long flight. Further, this pillow is popularly known for its ability in helping to release shoulder and neck tension too. With this ability, you will definitely feel more relax after using this product. In addition, it is also highly recommended for you who want to release muscle tension on the jaw. Moreover, to afford this product, the price that should be paid is about $23.00.

#3. Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Pillow

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck PillowThirdly, there will be a product called Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Pillow. This is a product that manufactured by Arc4life and has a dimension about 24x17x3 inches. With the shipping weight only 2.1 pounds, this kind of pillow will be perfect to be placed in your sleeping area. By using this Arc4life Cervical Linear Pillow, you can improve and fix your body posture, relieve the pain on your neck as well as on the back. Other than that, superior ergonomic comfort will also be something that obviously offered by this product. Besides, this pillow is popularly known for its ability in helping to restore the normal C-curve of the neck too. Being machine washable, fitted to most standard case, and latex free, this cushion will not only offer comfort, but also ease as well. Therefore, if you want a product that will give maximum neck pain release ability, then you can afford this product with the price around $85.99.

#4. Premium Therapeutic Grade Neck

Premium Therapeutic Grade NeckThen, the next place is claimed by a neck pain release-pillow called Premium Therapeutic Grade Neck. This product that manufactured by a company named Playdog Dipai basically is a remedy contoured pillow with memory foam which is ideal for diving. This is why we will found such a small dimension in this cushion, which is an only 4.3×11.8×5.5 inch with 14.4 ounces shipping weight. Talking about materials, this product is made of dense and high quality of remedy memory foam which will provide more comfort, firm support, and luxury. Other than that, this is the kind of memory foam pillow that will respond to the heat and pressure of your body, conforming to its contour and make it back to its original shape. And in order to prevent stiffness and pain during the ride, this pillow has completed with supportive and therapheutically-shaped design. With all these features, you can afford this amazing product by the price around $23.99.

#5. Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Memory Foam Neck PillowIn the last place, we have a product that manufactured by Perform Pillow, which is called Memory Foam Neck Pillow. Tagged with a price around $67.96, this pillow has 20x15x5 inches of dimension with 2.7 pounds of shipping weight. Further, to support its functionality, the company has implemented several advance features in it such as foam materials with special design, dust and mite resistance, hypoallergenic material, comes in eco-friendly technology without lead, mercury, and other kinds of heavy metals, covered in luxurious bamboo cover, and many others. In closing, that’s all or the reviews about pillow for neck pain products. Hopefully it will be useful to give you references before buying it.